Our family spirit
extends to all our team

Everyday, we share our passions, our challenges, our frustrations, our ideas, and questions. Our sector is a particularly demanding one, and so we are only able to do our work thanks to our colleagues' unique talents and efforts.


Asmae Tazi Sekkat


A natural entrepreneur, Asmae is the intuitive voice of the team. It is only thanks to her recklessness that we are all here together today, working at Clay. A true extrovert, she has built strong relationships with professionals all over the world, and pioneered the interior sector in Morocco. She is always here to lift our spirits and guide us in the right direction.

Aida Sekkat


Design lover by Birth, anthropologist by training, Aida moved back to her hometown, sunny Casablanca, to share a piece of what she had discovered during her years in London. Aida is obsessional about quality, whether it be in food, film, or any aspect of culture. She loves a flower-full table setting just as much as a great movie night on a cozy sofa. This is why she launched her accessories shop Hagen to complete the Clay universe.


Othmane Khatib

Sales & Merchandising

Sokaina Belamri


Salma Nachatt

Accounting & Finance

Zineb Badri


Mimi Sekkat

Social Media & Styling

Zakia Soukant


Aboubakr & Simohammed

Technical Team


Technical Team

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